Holy Week’s Binignit

April 2, 2010

My mom was never fond of cooking, although she knows how to cook, cooking is more a chore for her than an art, an hobby or any other fancy idea you may attach to this domestic activity.  So during the holy week celebrations when we were younger, we never got to enjoy binignit, not from her that is.  Binignit was always courtesy of our friendly neighbors.

I did not take after my mom, I love cooking.  Binignit, together with local delights like biko and puto, have always sparked my curiosity.  I have never tried making any of them though.

Early this morning, I went to Carbon Market to buy fruits and vegetables and saw that all the requisite ingredients for yet another holy week celebration are in full display.  Tapioca(landang), sweet potatoes, yams, plantain bananas, sago, and coconuts lined the jam-packed streets.

Today, I learned that Binignit originates from Cebu.  I also learned from the street vendors that tapioca is from “buli” just like “ubod” is from lubi.  Sounds like a tongue-twister.  Although I don’t have the courage to try making binignit YET, I sure enjoyed learning more about it.  Here’s a recipe from the web.



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