Summer 2010

The Holy Week has always been my signal for the start of summer.  It is because when I was growing up, the Lent Season officially ends the school year.  During this time, usually around late March – early April, the heat starts to come up to record highs of 33C-36C.

Summer this year was loads of fun and gave me new discoveries about myself.  The requisite beach parties are still present.  It was my first time to enjoy Moalboal, south of Cebu.  Then there was the island hopping trip, I thoroughly enjoyed the good company of the “Efrens”, not to mention, the simple joy of boiled bananas and salt- fermented fish as we cruised along the Mactan Channel.

This year, we also celebrated my sister and her recent accomplishments!  She graduated in March 2009 and passed the nursing licensure exam in December.  But all that time in between was a flurry of busy activities for her and we never really got around to celebrating with her.  So on her birthday last May 5th, the whole family went on a trip to Bohol.  The first time in a very long time since we had a vacation together.

It was also during summer this year when I was given some tough assignments at work. First, handling some challenged performers at work and then sent to another department for 2 months of cross training.  It was great learning experience for me and along the way, I made a few friends too.

It is always refreshing to experience new friendships. When life becomes a blur of the same activities day in and day out, weeks, months, years, new friendships provide that necessary break and reminds you to stop, breathe, and enjoy some of the things you would have missed if you continue with your mundane grind.  For the first time after a long time, not unlike all other things I did this summer, I started going out on weekend nights again.  I so missed dancing and was glad that my new friends enjoyed hanging out at dancing spots.

In fact, we went out dancing on my birthday.  First time I celebrated my birthday this way.

I am not sure if its the El Nino or just the stars, but this Summer also taught me a new outlook when it comes to work, love and friendship.  It validated some of my beliefs when it comes to trust, the value of honesty, being straightforward in all dealings, and it also redefined some of the things I thought I wanted.  I can only be thankful to the friends and family who had always stood by me no matter what it is I go through, no matter the decisions I make.  Especially those who accept me for who I am, without judging.

As summer came to a close, our department gave us a huge treat and sent us to the Shangri-la to plan out the next fiscal year and for some RnR.  I had so much fun feeding fish and seeing them so close!  The last time I really snorkeled was in 2007 at Balicasag in Bohol.

This summer sure presented a whole bunch of new experiences, reviving old ones that I used to enjoy and the promise of more adventures to come.  While I am thankful that finally the monsoon rain is here, I also look back and can only be grateful for all these wonderful Summer experiences and the wonderful people around me who are witness to them all.


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