My Sense of Smell!

I just recovered from a bout of respiratory tract infection.  I am very happy I have my sense of smell working again. 

Smell is a sense that is quite sentimental to me.  Various smells remind me of various events, moments, and people.  The scent of apples remind me of Christmas, the scent of Bioderm reminds me of the 12 years we spent in Banilad, growing up with IPI as our neighbor.  The perfume Infinity and Drakkar Noir reminds me of my high school classmates who didn’t know better to use their parents expensive perfume everyday.  The smell of cigarette smoke reminds me of work and stress and IT Park and my call center “days”.

I am just glad I am smelling things 100% again.  Even the smell of my downtown neighborhood is well appreciated.  Welcome the dank smells of the clogged gutters, the smell of smoke belching jeepneys, the smell of soot and grease, spicy smells of street food and the smell of burning candles from the churches.  I am home.


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