Galleon Andalucia

So it was a regular day at work and as we logged out, my friend Mikes and myself just went about our daily routine of breakfast together sharing bits and pieces of how the day went and ofcourse our regular dose of laughter.  Weng and Gail were out that day.  With nothing else to do before our scheduled “bedtime”, we decided to hit the road and visited the Galleon, Andalucia.

Andalucia is a replica of the 17th century galleons that plied the Acapulco – Manila route.  For those who do not know, this trade practice was pivotal to openning the P.I (Philippine Islands) to not just international trade but also to new ideas from the West.  Along with the usual trade items of spices, silk and porcelain, were books, art and fotos.  Andalucia, named after the capital of Seville, was in town to celebrate Galleon Day.  It followed the old route visiting the countries where the Galleon Trade was rampant and spent a few days docked in China (for an expo) and Manila.  Now, it’s in Cebu for a few days before moving on to Bohol and then out of the country, to travel thru the Pacific Ocean.

It was a dark cloudy day, and when Mikes and I got to the area just in front of the Malacanang sa Sugbu, we were just behind 3 bus loads of students on a field trip.  Tough luck.  So, with my friend’s sanguine personality we tried to explain our case to a local policeman, stating that we did not want to risk losing our 8 hour sleep by waiting in line for the rest of these students to get thru.  The police was kind enough to lead us to a side entrance!  Yey to mikes!

As luck would have it, the rain clouds raced with us as we boarded the replica.  It was smaller than I expected.  At any rate, here are some pictures we took.  The quality isn’t so good being that it was a cloudy day and we had to rush from one click to another not wanting to be caught in the coming rain.  The rain came and I risked a damaging my lenses.  Some pictures weren’t really that good as i had to wipe some water off my camera.

As we left, we had to find shelter at the Fort San Pedro to wait for a cab.  It was a block away and we were drenched when we got there.  I had fun though.


Read more about the galleon trade here:


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