Carcar Photoblog 2

Carcar brings to mind ampao(blocks of rice crispies), bocarillos(candied coconut meat) and chicharon(pork cracklings).  It also conjures memories of prominent old Cebuano families and their even older houses.  So it was a pleasant surprise for me to learn that there was a public swimming pool in the early part of the 20th century in this town(well, technically a city now).  It is just that Carcar to me has always been an old provincial town, and a public pool is so urban chic, most especially during those days.  In part 1 of this series, I did mention that the City Musuem (which was a dispensary for the longest time) was originally a clubhouse.  This swimming pool is just behind that building and I would surmise that this was a main attraction to the clubhouse.

Again, the famous Mayor Mercado commissioned this very forward thinking social center during the 1920’s.  Built around it is a two – storey pavilion with beautiful lattice-work.  I can only wonder how it was during those days when it was anything but grey. 

(Seen from this side, the ground level is chopped into individual dressing rooms.  It was also said that prior to the dispensary becoming a museum and the restoration work began, these dressing rooms housed the local juveniles as well)

To the right of the ground level are gazebos where I believe picnickers would enjoy refreshments, the rest of the area is lined with individual dressing rooms, separate ones for men and for women.  

The pool itself look to be around 5-6 feet deep on the shallow side and maybe up to 10-12 on the deep end.  I can only guess as the guide also did not have any estimation.  Two concrete posts jut out in the middle of the shallow end, as per our guide, it used to support the diving board. 

I wonder if the pool was tiled during those days.


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