Carcar Photoblog 3

Carcar celebrates the feast of their patron saint Sta. Catalina every 25th of November in a colorful and religious way.  In recent years, aside from the usual religious procession, they also have a street parade called the Kabkaban. Well, we missed all of it since our trip was scheduled a day AFTER the celebrations. 

I knew about St. Catherine a long time ago as her death(beheading) stirred my curiosity as a young Christian.  (read more here:, back in high school, we did hear about a girl’s school down south – St. Catherine’s.  So now that we are finally in Carcar, I did not hesitate to visit their parish church.

Church of Sta. Catalina as photographed from the veranda of the City Museum

The church was made in 1859 and was finished several years after. It combines Islamic, Graeco – Romano and Neoclassical architecture. Note the onion – shaped minarets.  This type of architecture is very rare in Cebu churches.To me, it all has a nice unpolished provencal feel to it. 

What really caught our attention were the many epitaphs that lined the church floors and posts.  Ordinarily, old churches hold the remains of its departed clergymen, but there were just too many in this church.  We learned that these were bone chambers for the more affluent and influential parishioners of the church. 
bone chambers
an angel guards an epitaph by Dante Giudetti, Italian sculptor and Cebu resident
This is the winner. Epitaph made by Dante Guidetti, Italian sculptor and Cebu City resident in the 19th century. He was also the man behind the beautiful Vision Theater facade in Colon.

I thoroughly enjoyed my weekend in Carcar.  The pool party in Valladolid, the shopping for shoes (more in a separate article) and visiting the old heritage sites.  After living in this island for 3 decades, I wonder what took me so long to explore.


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