Espadrilles – The Return of the Comeback!

Espadrilles (French) or Espardenyes (Spanish) are making a come back.  I remember them from the 80’s when my then teen-aged cousins wore them regularly.  Now, instead of the regular cream-colored canvas material, they come in many fun and vibrant colors!

What a joy to behold!  Espadrille soles are commonly made of natural fiber, wood or rubber.  This is what makes them really comfortable to wear.  They can be flat, platform or wedge-shaped.  The top is usually made of cotton or canvas.  I see them proliferating the online shops and envy those who I see at the malls wearing them.  They look so chic and comfy.

My curiosity was further tickled when I learned that a former colleague is now posing as a “shoe designer” selling hundreds of these shoes.  I later found out that although there are imported ones, there are those made in our very own Carcar.  So off I went to the south on a shoe shopping spree!

I was giddy, drunk from all variety to choose from.  There was just too many of these colorful shoes!  Since Christmas is just around the corner, my friends and I bought no less than 20 pairs in total! 

I also cannot help but be happy that Carcar is now catching up with the times.  What used to be just a sleepy shoe industry is now turning into a bustling shopping spot.  I was there on two separate weekends and can’t help notice the young, hip crowd.  I also noticed that from the old leather sandals and slippers, they now make chic wedges and gladiator slippers. 

Carcar has a lot of potential.  Now, if only they can be more original when it comes to materials and design, that would be something.  Cebu is now at the forefront of fashion and furniture design, who knows shoes maybe next?

Disappointed to see a shop selling shoes using counterfeit Louis Vuitton material
One of the shops sold fake Crocs side by side the Carcar espadrilles


Read more about espadrilles:


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