Colon Night Market

Work and the flurry of activities around the holidays have always taken me North of our downtown home.  So when my week long vacation started last Wednesday, I immediately vowed to visit the downtown street Colon with its annual Night Market now on its 5th year.  This night market is open starting 6PM when the whole stretch from the Metro Gaisano to the University of the Visayas is closed to motor traffic.

I had that chance the next day Dec. 23rd.  Since it was already well into the Christmas holidays, I’ve already bought and given out my gifts.  This was  a purely sight-seeing paseo across downtown. 

I have discovered a whole new dimension to the Night Market with the shopping out of the way, the Food Dimension!  Oooh the many sinful delights!

I found some Kwek-Kwek stands.  Kwek-kwek is hard-boiled quail egg, dunked in a batter and then deep fried.  Aside from the grease, quail eggs are also known to be high in cholesterol.  Who cares?  That’s just for starters.  I also found deep fried chicken skin in cute little brown paper packets.  A little vinegar for the acid and hanging rice – puso, and you have yourself a quick snack.

To my delight I saw piles upon piles of sa-ang, a shellfish, which is one of my favorites.  There are a lot of ways people cook this delicacy so they get the meat out of the shell. You see, if you overcook it, the meat will become tough and curl up so far into the shell that you won’t have any chance of prying it out. Some say to blanch it using brine, some say to use actual seawater, some even use Sprite, some heat the shell on hot coals.  If you cook it right, the meat will be just right and will come out just enough for you to pull it out.  For this guy, he says he blanches them, but obviously, he had to use a hammer to break the shell.

The perennial barbeque grills were there but to my delight they now serve grilled seafood too!  Like these fat slices of White Marlin @P60!

And for dessert, there is always the Sorbetero with his ice cream cart.  Finding this guy at the end of the food stretch brought back memories of my childhood days and hot summer afternoons.

What pleasant surprises has Colon brought you lately?  Please do share, I would love to hear about them.


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