The past 3 weeks have been very wet for Cebu City. And as expected, several areas in Cebu were flooded.  This is now becoming a normal occurence.  The rain did not spare even the annual solemn procession of the Sto. Nino de Cebu.  Devotees waded thru murky, bacteria rich floodwaters downtown as they strived to finish the procession.  The worst of these flooding was a few days ago when a cloudburst dumped an unexpected amount of rain in just a matter of an hour.  Even SM City Cebu was flooded. 

The rain poured around 7am – 8am.  I got off work around 11AM, by then the floodwaters have subsided.  The aftermath reveals the real culprit.  Garbage, specifically plastic.  Strewn all over the streets together with dirt and grime from the inutile drainage system.

These problems(I mean garbage disposal, use of plastic and the city’s poor drainage system) have long been unresolved.  I heard that after weeks of rain and the threat of landslides and more flooding, the local government is finally paying attention.  The whole project was to cost around P500M.  I wonder where we’ll get the money and when this project will ever be completed.

As my own personal way of making a difference and contributing to society, I decided to minimize, if not, totally eliminate the use of plastic bags, especially cellophane. 

Today, I went to Carbon Market to buy fresh vegetables.  I brought with me a reusable bag.  I remember when I was growing up, I would see my aunt and our househelp come back from the market on Sundays lugging their nylon net bags filled with produce. Walking around Carbon, I rarely saw people using reusable bags.

My initial purchases were large pieces of vegetables and it was interesting to see the reaction from the vendors when told that I won’t be needing the cellophane.  Most of them would give me a look as if to say “Sure Ka?”  (“are you sure?”). 

I started to have trouble when I bought teeny little red chillies.  Where to place them without scattering and maybe crushing them inside my already heavy bag.  Another problem was when I decided I wanted “sari-sari”, sliced mixed vegetables.  No way to get around them but give in to The Cellophane.

No matter.  It was just my first day.  I am sure that as I strive to make my own little effort.  I will find better ways to avoid the use of plastic and cellophane bags.

How about you?  What do you think of all the environmental changes we are experiencing nowadays?  What do you think you can do to make that teeny difference before it’s too late?  I would love to hear from you.


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