Road Trip

It is another Holy Week and the summer heat has just started to creep in.  A little late than in past years but it wasn’t any less in its fury.  My rhinitis and migraines had started to show up too.  Fortunately, I was allowed a week’s vacation.

I spent the first few days cleaning my room and just catching up on sleep.  Then the Lenten Holidays came, Maundy Thursday and Good Friday.  It was yet another rare occassion to have the whole family together.  I found myself the official kusinero.  Guess what?  It is my 1st year to cook binignit and biko!

Anyhow, the long stay home kind of got a little blah.  Such that, when Shaun suggested a road trip when he woke Saturday morning, I lost no time packing.  Just to put this into context, Shaun is someone who can be locked up in a room for weeks on end as long as there is cable tv, internet and lots of food.  Not rarely do I have to beg for him to get out and go around town with me.  So Saturday was a surprise.  It was like there was some divine occurence while he slept that he decided to be merciful and suggested the trip.  Sabado Gloria!

Off we went to the South Bus terminal without any destination or itinerary in mind.  On the spot, I decided on Boljoon.  I was there a couple of years ago but failed to explore the church and the museum as they were closed that time. 

 But somewhere between Carcar and Sibonga, we thought it would also be nice to take a dip at a beach.  It was steaming hot, our skin were dewy with the moist, dense humidity.  The next line up was Argao, Dalaguete and Alcoy.  Why not?  Argao has a Baroque – Rococo Church I haven’t explored too, it has its white sand beach as well, Dalaguete has its fresh water cold spring while Alcoy has a beach.  We can go visit them all!  We were dropped off Argao.

This trip turned out to be really fun with lots of new discoveries.  We had a glimpse of life-sized gold plated idols in a Baroque church.  Lunch at a quaint cafe featured in Lonely Planet a few years back was yum.  We brought home the famous Argao cacao for champorado.  We also dropped by a castle.  Who can beat that?  And then to end the day, a cool dip and the sunset at a rare white sand, clean public beach.

One of the many reasons I love being in Cebu is precisely this, that at any given day, on a whim, I can just hop on a bus and enjoy whatever it is I want.  The noisy fun of the metro, or the quite study of its history or just plain hanging out with its natural bounty.  All within reach. 


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