Daiji Bulgogi with OeNaengguk

It feels good to be blogging again.  After a few months of haeatus as my lappy hibernated and my cam got busted, here I am!  I got a new cam for Christmas, and my lappy is back!  Geez all the events I missed posting and the thoughts, feelings and fotos that go with them.

It’s the day after Christmas day, which means its been a day since we’ve been eating Holiday left-over food.  It’s been raining as another low-pressure gathers around Cebu.  I thought of preparing something fresh and at the sametime something that can warm up this dreary day.

What is fresher and hotter than Korean food?  Now I’ve been trying out a few Korean restaurants and preparing some of my own Korean dishes for most of this year.  I just never got around to posting anything about them.  I also cannot remember posting pictures of dishes I have cooked, ever.  But for all you fans out there, here’s one and this should be the first of all food posts!

I decided to prepare Daeji Bulgogi(Pork Stir Fry) and Oe Naengguk(Cold cucumber soup). They’re easy to prepare, the ingredients – within reach and all very quick to complete.

It sure was a hit for lunch earlier today!  Let me know if you want the recipe!

Daiji Bulgogi

The bulgogi is hot with nutty flavor coming from the chillis and sesame.  The added spices of onions, garlic and ginger make it all the more fiery.

Wrap a piece with a cabbage…

….and wash it down with cold cucumber soup. Although this soup is usually served during the summer, it’s a nice balancing agent for non-Koreans like me.


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