From the Hearth Of My Kitchen

The holidays came and went and everyday was a complete blur, what with the craziness in the office and the string of parties on weekends.  So here I am on December 31st wondering how I could’ve missed the shopping and gift giving.

Well it is never too late now is it?  So up I went and baked a batch of butterscotch.  Shaun has brought home tons of dried fruit (yes tons, industrial tons, not the teeny tiny expensive packs from the grocery) so why don’t I go ahead and throw that in as well.  The ending was a sweet, chewy homemade dried fruit butterscotch.  You will find many recipes online and I strongly recommend using local products.  In my case, I used dried pineapples and mangoes.

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Gifts do not always have to be storebought, and home made gifts are not necessarily cheap too.  The time and effort that goes into the homemade ones, especially if it is my time and effort, is very precious!  Kidding aside, I just think that putting in the time and effort into a gift is much more meaningful than just grabbing an item from the store.

I have always believed that the wrapping is just as important as what is inside.  DIY homemade goodies do not always have to come in the plain tin, plastic or cellophane wrapping.  If you know where to look, there are many cute packaging materials out there.  Made in China ofcourse.  Sometimes, I get more excited about the packages than anything else.


Anyhow, I just gathered up the slices of butterscotch in grease-resistant (read:wax paper) paper.  Put them into boxes and tie up a gift card.  There you go, your diy, homemade gift!

I signed mine, From The Hearth of My Kitchen!  Happy Holidays!



Hersheys Kisses DIY Chocolate Bouquet

It’s been awhile since I wrote a blog.  What with changing job assignments and our busy season just recently.  I work for an accounting software company that provides support for financial and employee management solutions.  This said, January is always our busiest month considering the deadline for tax filings.

I am glad that is all over now.  Since I last wrote something here, I’ve been to many different restaurants, four holidays have gone by, I’ve mulled over many different thoughts and went through many different emotions that I wish I was able to share online.

The most recent happening was Valentines Day and I won’t let it go unpublished.  Lately, I have been enjoying YouTube very much, and have gone crazy over Korean recipes and DIY projects.  I have found a nice DIY project for valentines which I completed successfully!

I discovered videos for DIY Hershey’s Kisses Chocolate Bouquet.  I thought it was a cool idea to have both flowers and chocolate in a bouquet without really hurting your budget.  I know of a chocolate shop that sell chocolate bouquets for nothing less than P1500.  I spent half of that for three bouquets!

Here are the fotos of my finished project and their recipients!