Fatal Attraction

After the Holidays, four of them to be exact(Christmas, New Year, Fiesta Senyor and the Chinese New Year) Shaun, myself and my sister have slipped into a weekend habit of shopping, doing grocery errands and then having  dinner and coffee/dessert all in the mall.  We usually do this on Sundays.

However, one particular weekend, we fell into this routine and I ended up in the hospital.  How?  Well, I work nights and the last day of my work week is Saturday AM.  I usually get off work at 10am.  This particular Saturday, I had scheduled a lunch with my team.  Afterwards, Shaun and I spent the whole afternoon shopping for shoes.  I had to buy a new pair since my favorite 2 – year old pair of sneakers are now really worn. I bought a grande cup of my favorite hazelnut mocca frap to keep me up.   It was already around 5pm when we got done buying the shoes and paying off some bills.

My sister works on weekends and she gets off work at 5pm, so we decided to text her to come over so we can have dinner together.  When she got to the mall, we ended up looking for an outfit for a party she will be attending.  That done, it was already 930pm.  Then we had dinner.

By this time, the caffeine has long left my system and I am just about to crash.  Off we went to our fave restaurant and sat at our favourite spot, promising to not take any longer than dinner.  I decided to order something light, my favourite shrimps, skewered and barbecued with a side of rice and vegetables.  I only had enough energy to sit thru dinner and then get home.

4 hours later…1AM…I went into anaphylactic shock.

I spent 2 days in the hospital, groggy from steroids and was so sad when the doctor made me swear off my favourite shrimps for life!  The doctor said it was hypersensitivity.  My immune system went so low and was not able to fight off the histamines.  If I want, I can undergo desensitation.

It was truly one of the scariest moments in my life(…drama queen in me), I surely miss my shrimps…