Hersheys Kisses DIY Chocolate Bouquet

It’s been awhile since I wrote a blog.  What with changing job assignments and our busy season just recently.  I work for an accounting software company that provides support for financial and employee management solutions.  This said, January is always our busiest month considering the deadline for tax filings.

I am glad that is all over now.  Since I last wrote something here, I’ve been to many different restaurants, four holidays have gone by, I’ve mulled over many different thoughts and went through many different emotions that I wish I was able to share online.

The most recent happening was Valentines Day and I won’t let it go unpublished.  Lately, I have been enjoying YouTube very much, and have gone crazy over Korean recipes and DIY projects.  I have found a nice DIY project for valentines which I completed successfully!

I discovered videos for DIY Hershey’s Kisses Chocolate Bouquet.  I thought it was a cool idea to have both flowers and chocolate in a bouquet without really hurting your budget.  I know of a chocolate shop that sell chocolate bouquets for nothing less than P1500.  I spent half of that for three bouquets!

Here are the fotos of my finished project and their recipients!