Homemade Kimchi

The Korean Invasion of Cebu, or the Philippines in general, has grown considerably in recent years.  When a long time ago, you only see them at the popular touristy places, now they are everywhere.  It did not really catch on to me, not the Korean novelas, nor K-pop, nor the sprouting Korean salons (I have a Cantonese stylist of 8 years by the way).  Not even the fact that Koreans bought my high school alma mater and took over the entire school.

But Korean food….ooohhh…now this is something I found hard to ignore.

When in Cebu, you will see quite a few of these restaurants sprouting up.  Being the adventurous foodie that I am, I have had my fair share of trips to sample bulgogi, bibimbap, kimbap, samgyupsal, and the jigaes(stews).   I’ve grown to love the sweet and spicy dishes of Korea.  Not to mention, dining at Korean restaurants gives very good value for money considering the generous refills of banchan(side dishes).  The thing with me is that once I get the hang of a particular dish, the next step for me is to try and make it myself.

So after much research, thanks to Youtube, I finally made my very 1st Kimchi.  I have gone crazy over Korean recipes that I have grown to become a celebrity fan.  My favorite Youtube Korean Chef is Maangchi.  Her videos are easy to follow and fun.  Every once in a while, she will model the funniest (and the cutest) outfits and headdresses.

What better dish to prepare than the world-renowned Kimchi, or fermented vegetable side dish.  Kimchi is said to contain almost 50% of your daily requirement of Vit. C, Vit. A, Thiamine, B1 and B2.  It is so big in Korea that at one point, when prices of cabbage (or was it chili ) went up around 2008, the country (South Korea) I mean, declared it a national calamity.

So here I am, one weekend, making my homemade kimchi.

The steps are very easy and you can always visit Maangchi’s youtube videos.

First, you steep the cabbage in salt for an hour and a half.  Make sure to turn it over once every 30 minutes so it will be even.  Rinse it well, 3 times at least.

While steeping the cabbage, you may start preparing the other vegetables.  Chop carrots,spring onions and radish julienne.  Mince, garlic, ginger and onions.  If you have a food processesor, blend this together with fish sauce.  I do not have a food processors so I just minched the spices and soaked them in the fish sauce for a few minutes.

For the paste, make a congee from flour, water and sugar.  Let cool at room temperature.  Once cooled down, add the vegetables and the spices soaked in fish sauce.  Add your desired amount of chili powder and mix well.  This is now your kimchi paste.

In a large bowl, start mixing the cabbage and the paste until all leaves are well coated.  Let sit overnight in an airtight container before transferring to the refrigerator.

After a day, I was so happy when I smelled and tasted my Kimchi, it was the real thing, plus it was home made.  I always take kimchi with fried dishes.  It also goes well with braised pork or Humba.  Enjoy!