What goes around, comes around

Then universe is a curved mirror .  Like the kind we use to check our facial pores.  What you transmit, goes back to you in multiple folds, in a magnified version.  For what it showers back on us, we can only be thankful.  Acknowledge with a grateful heart all the good things that you have.  This starts the cycle of continuous blessings and positive energies. This sounds so new age, but come to think of it, various religions and spiritual groups advocate the same thing in many different terms.

Most people do not cherish the smallest conveniences around them.  Mostwould easily fall into the trap of seeing what is lacking, complaining and rejecting, that they fail to see the many other good things and good people surrounding them.  In other words, they wallow in a cycle of ungratefulness, continuous defeat and overall frustration.

Being grateful allows you to see the good in every situation, in every person.  It magnifies all the little good things happening around you.  When truly acknowledged, it will leave you feeling light, happy and positive.  And these are the energies you transmit all around you.  And the universe will respond…many folds.